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Customer complaints- there’s an app for that

December 14, 2009

The world about mobile application is all about entertainment and utility; either they are great for killing time or they do something useful.

AT&T has decide to build an application for something that not many brands might be thinking about, complaints.

Everyone is familiar with the the brand’s network problems and while the solve is probably north of several billion dollars, so the brand badly needs to show it cares. It’s short-term solution is an iPhone application that allows users to voice their complaints.

AT&T is demonstrating that it knows its got a problem and is using its crowd of users to help them solve. This is a great move for the brand and really useful for the company, if people contribute. It would be great if they consider making the dataset available to customers and to follow-up by showing how they plan to improve service.

It would also be interesting to think of other brands who could use an application to collect complaints; cable companies?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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