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Data as the ad

June 22, 2009

Apple’s “Wall of Applications” developed for its recent developer conference did more to demonstrate the breadth and scale of its applications than any single static ad ever could. It’s a great example of the power of data as a compelling form of communication. In Apple’s case, it’s all about the scale of the information to signify the size of the ecosystem.

While most experts are thinking of data visualization as a tool to explain data internally to diverse audiences and to help them better understand what’s going on, data could easily be a pure communication tool.

If used correctly, data visualization could help audiences to better understand brands, either in the representation of large scale global interactions or focused on a more local level.

For Coca-Cola, imagine data revealing the scale of consumption on a real time basis examined globally or down to a local level where you could connect with others in a community like way.

Taking it further, complex interactions could be highlighted and data meaning could be presented from detailed analysis.

When you think of brands as media companies, data is now one of the valuable assets in the arsenal of communication tools.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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