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Make- a media brand for the times

July 21, 2009

On the surface, Make could look like just any other media property with a magazine and a website, but when you scratch underneath the surface it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more to it.

Make is a leader of a movement and someone that understands how media needs to behave in the new environment.

It understands that you need to combine the physical and the digital to succeed, but more that those rational touch points, there’s real power in being part of an emotionally charged movement.

Make both reflects and supports the growing DIY movement in the US. The movement that’s gaining momentum as people increasingly look to the skills that can provide them with self-sufficiency and satisfaction.

What I really like about Make’s approach is that they are prepared to support and highlight the community they are part of and play a key role in encouraging and enabling others to join.

Maker Faire is the living embodiment of the Make brand and a chance to see what the movement is all about as the maker’s showcase their cars, robots, skills and smarts to an adoring public. It’s a concept that clearly has legs and Make has the vision to take it further.

In August of this year, a Maker Faire will take place in Accra, Ghana its designed to serve as a celebration of African ingenuity, innovation and invention.

Make also is also launching an effort to connect its Makers to their local communities by organizing events in local bookstores.

At a time when the future of print media is being questioned, Make stands out as a brand that’s smart enough to recognize that print is just one slice and there’s a whole world of opportunity beyond. More than, it’s also knows that there’s power in the concentrated focus of a niche with significant forward movement because it’s part of a movement. In many ways, Make is micro media, not mass media and it’s an important benchmark, because that’s where the power base of the future lies.

Perhaps old media now recognizes this because Martha Stewart is all over the home page of Make’s site.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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