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Marketing as operations

May 4, 2009

Adrian over at  Zeus Jones has a great post about the overlooked area of operations as a marketing opportunity. He cites lots of good examples with a nice breakdown of categories. This is something many agencies have been talking about for years, but have had a little ability to influence and control. Most companies have marketing as a silo function and don’t understand that everything is basically marketing. Agencies also lack the core skills required to implement cultural changes inside organizations, that can turn operations into marketing.

Adrian’s categories of operations with marketing potential are as follows:

1. Delivery
2. Sourcing
3. Construction
4. Payment
5. Internal metrics and data
6. Repair
7. Saving money

It would be smart for agency planners to look at each of their clients and audit these areas to see either what stories are not being told or how could marketing make an impact and use one of the areas in a smart way.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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