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Real trumps trite

May 4, 2009

Advertising has long been criticized for making hollow unbelievable and overblown promises that aren’t grounded and simply pander to people’s emotions. The public has gotten sick of this stuff which presents a problem for clients and their agencies who want to say something big.

I think T-Mobile in the UK has gotten it right.

Hear the tagline “Life’s For Sharing” and it instantly takes you to that bad place, but this is all about execution and what T-Mobile and its agency clearly understand is the power of actions over words. Make something really happen and people will give you credit all because you proved yourself.

Agencies shy away from this kind of thing because it’s a logistics nightmare and not for the faint hearted, but the results can be incredible. Make something real happen and It creates multiple conversations around it and masses of incredible content.

These days proof is the most important thing a brand can offer.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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