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Social media isn’t just social media

September 10, 2009

Social media is what many brands want a part of, but very few have made it.

On the surface, it seems simple, but dig a little deeper and you come across a myriad of complex political and structural issues that are standing in the way of success.

It seems there’s probably a role for consulting companies to step into the vacuum and help companies navigate their way through this complexity. It appears Charline Li, formerly a superstar analyst at Forrester felt this way, because she now has her own consulting group- Altimeter.

Glancing through Alitimeter’s Slideshare credentials deck, it appears they have a vibrant business model. There are very few consultants or agencies digital and otherwise who can help clients answer every single one of these questions the credentials deck suggests they answer.


How do emerging technologies impact my strategy?
How can I align technology with my business goals?


How do I lead my company in this new landscape?
How do I transform this organization with these technologies?


What channels should I use to reach my audience?
How do I integrate technologies into existing systems?
When should I use which technologies?


How do I decide which technologies/service providers to use?
What’s the future of emerging technologies?

How long before Altimeter gets an on offer from IPG, Publicis, WPP and the rest?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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