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Story du jour- no easy wins

March 9, 2009

If you sit down as a CMO or a senior marketing person in an organization and look at the stuff that could get your noticed- you probably start with the social networks and end up with something green and eco-friendly.

Do any of these and you think that you’re going to be regarded as a marketing genius, someone who gets it and knows what’s going on.

The challenge is that in both these areas there’s no easy win, anything you do in social networking and on the environment better look like a serious commitment. You simply can’t just do a one-off and walk away from it. If you want to start a conversation, you better be prepared to continue it and if better be consistent with your overall brand.

Opening one LEED certified restaurant does not make you an environmentalist and setting up a Twitter account you never use, doesn’t make you part of the conversation.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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