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The death of the website

September 30, 2009

Steve Rubel suggests that we might be approaching the end of the media website as news and media organizations simply plug straight into the social media universe, rather than having dedicated sites.

“Conceivably the next great media company will be all spokes and no
hub. It will exist as a constellation of connected apps and widgets
that live inside other sites and offer a full experience plus access to
your social graph and robust community features. Each of these may
interconnect too so that a media company’s community on Facebook can
talk to the same on Twitter.

Facebook might be the first venue
where this starts. It could become a mini news reader for millions who
don’t care about RSS or Twitter. Over time this may obviate the need to
create large news sites. It’s easier to create a rich interactive
experience there than start a new news site and hope that people come
to you. They won’t have time to find or visit.”

The implications of Steve’s suggestions are significant.

If media companies don’t have websites, what’s the point of any brand having one?

Is the future all about applications and ideas that lock brands into social media?

If so, this will have huge implications for digital agencies who will no longer be needed to build web experiences and sites. 

The bottom line is if you are an agency and you aren’t playing in social media now and adding value to your client brand’s experience, you are going to be in trouble.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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