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The missing marketing link- the employee

November 30, 2009

We can crow all we like about creative brilliance and forging ahead with technological innovations into new media spaces, but there’s clearly something that’s missing in many of our communication efforts, the humble employee.

This is a much neglected group, who if they are lucky get a word from the CEO in a launch video and a copy of a media plan.

We need to do more, here’s why….

“We also discovered that, despite some variations across industries, 75 to 80 percent of the workforce lacks passion for the work they perform on a daily basis. This is particularly significant given the strong correlation between Worker Passion and more active participation in knowledge flows. If companies are serious about more effective participation in knowledge flows, they must find ways to draw out greater passion from their workers.”

Deloitte- 2009 Shift Report

Employees should probably be the focal point of creative and media thinking, not an after thought. More than this, what can we do to help our clients draw out greater passion from their workers.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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