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Twitter is over the hump- now it needs to hire an ad agency

August 12, 2009

Gartner's Hype Cycle - 2009

According to the brains at Gartner (see above), Twitter and its micro blogging trend are past the peak on the hype cycle and heading into its next phase of growth. The brand has surged on a wave of good fortune to be in its current position, but what’s it going to take to push it forward?

Twitter seems to thrive of the need on the needs of some individuals and institutions to communicate and connect people to ideas and moments. It’s compelling to view and participate in for an increasing number of people, but getting to mass adoption is some ways off.

It’s clear that Twitter shines in specific moments, when people gather around a significant piece of news or when its integrated into media like the political debates.

Twitter needs to “do a YouTube”, it needs to make the leap from being fringe and marginal to being taken seriously as a media player.

This means it needs to sign alliances, get integrated into other consumer electronics products like televisions and phones, but more importantly it needs to celebrate its achievements and benefits in a meaningful way.

We are done with “the we’re the next Facebook” corporate PR story, what’s needed now is a celebration of exactly how Twitter brings people together and what it has the power to do.

The masses will not get on board unless they get that. Crrently, much like YouTube had with its cat video perception, many people feel that Twitter is for people who like to bore others by telling them what they are doing every 20 minutes, if Twitter can escape this perception and explain what it really has the power to do, perhaps its second phase of growth isn’t too far away.

To accomplish this, I believe Twitter needs to hire an ad agency.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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