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10 themes coming out of influx curated

June 12, 2009

Yesterday’s Influx Curated was a complete over-stimulus fest.

If you ask for short-bursts of information, this is the result.

It’s great chaos, but now is the time to try and make sense of it all and ask some serious questions about what it might mean.

Here are 10 themes that came across loud and clear to me and some of the people who raised them.

1. Stand for something

If you are fighting for an idea or trying to build a new business, have a point of view and stick to it.

(Eileen of Ritual, Adrienne of Woolyworks)

2. Get Out of Your Shell

Everyone has the power within themselves to do something great and to think creatively and imaginatively, it’s just that most of us don’t. We need to find ways to come out of our shells.

(Gary of OYF, Mark of Eat Big Fish, Joshua Brody, William and his masks)

3. Hope is Everywhere, You Just Have to Look

Listen, look and learn and you will find hope and inspiration

(Jody’s story of Rwanda)

4. The Crowd Has Power

Power to create, power to dictate and the power to change

(Kanyi of Virgance, Paul of Mozilla, Neil of Nest)

5. The Crowd Needs Motivation

There has to be a leader and that has something to spark the imagination of the crowd

(Paul at Mozilla, Jeben at YouTube)

6. Story is King

Look hard for them, create them, tell them, share them

(Marieke of Peclers, Adrienne of Woolyworks, Alex Frankel, Tucker Nichols, Eileen of Ritual, Iain of Apple, Alan of Apple, Chris of Apple, Tom of Bassett and Partners )

7. Be an Optimist

Happy people make ideas good

(Mark of Eat Big Fish)

8. Be a Pessimist

Amazing things can come from dark places

(Chris of Apple)

9. The World Needs Ideas

There are huge problems everywhere and we have the potential to solve many of them from the ground up

(Emily of Project H, Alexis of Wired, Heather of Catapult, Joshua of REGIONAL)

10. More Corporations/Creatives Should Be Good

What’s the problem with doing good, does it cost too much?

(Emily of Project H, Heather of Catapult, Casey of GOOD)

Posted by Ed Cotton

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