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Brand keeps failing and people love it?

August 17, 2009

Perhaps the marketing experts have been wrong for years when they have told brand owners to be very careful with every element of communication and to handle every little PR challenge with added smarts.

Could it be that brands are becoming just like Bill Clinton or even “The Terminator” in that they are impossible to destroy or they are covered in a thin coating of Teflon?

Take this story from Game Informer. (According to a reader survey)

– X-Box consoles have a failure rate of 54%

– Only 3.8% of X-Box owners would not buy another X-Box because of this

Note- This is not your typical shoddy low sample magazine research- the base is 5,000 responses.

It’s amazing that people can put up with over half of these consoles failing and still love the brand enough to keep buying it.

What’s so special about this brand?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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