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Contrary to popular opinion, the crowd might be creative

July 19, 2009

While the jury is out on whether or not the crowd can create, there seems to be a splinter of evidence to suggest they can. The new short film from Mass Animation looks almost Pixar-like in its quality. The project used Facebook to recruit and reach out to animators around the world, who contributed individual frames. The film has 50k fans and over 17k people downloaded the software to participate.

While the crowd did contribute on mass, the editing process and quality control must have been rigorous, because the final list of animators, who’s frames were used, is fairly short.

Mass Animation must have done something right in its promotion, marketing and outreach to ensure that quality animators participated in the project. Obviously, the incentive of credits in a high profile short film is not bad.

Here’s the trailer.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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