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Creative for multi-tasking media

April 1, 2009

According to Nielsen’s latest Three Screens report, 31% of internet activity occurs when consumers are watching television.

It seems there’s a huge opportunity to exploit the two mediums more effectively. While putting a URL on the closing frame of a spot has been common place, there a very few examples where the two media have been tied closely together. If you add  the astounding growth rates of online TV viewing with the growth of new services like Hulu, there have to be a whole range of new creative opportunities to make a connection.

At the recent AAAA’s Media Conference in New Orleans, the Hulu executives suggested advertisers strive for greater interactivity in their online applications, almost encouraging the audience to play and multi-task with engaging banners, while they are viewing programming.

We can expect to see TV spots that take advantage of this behavior and a lot more creativity being poured into the creative that surrounds online TV viewing.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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