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Ignoring testing

March 26, 2009

Deadline Hollywood has a great story about the eagerly anticipated NBC show “Parks and Recreation”.

Apparently, the testing has not been going so great and somehow the blog managed to get hold of the research “debrief” which goes into some detail on the show’s executional failings.


Apparently, testing like this is common place for most shows and nearly all the time it comes back negative. Further evidence that consumers aren’t that well equipped to comment on new concepts.

Thankfully, it appears the senior folks are ignoring all the expensive research and moving on with the show regardless.

“All of the research we do around initial rough cuts is negative. If you had seen the initial research on all of
ours and our competitors’ successful shows, it tends to be like that.”

Ben Silverman- NBC- Talking to Entertainment Weekly

Posted by Ed Cotton

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