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What we learned and heard at influx curated

June 12, 2009

Here are a few of the things we learned and experienced at Influx Curated, which was held yesterday.

More material to follow very soon.

The vision of GOOD, the connective power of YouTube, 250 people singing in harmony, mobs for good, the meaning of good, the power of yes, the power of no, California’s need for design solutions, designing for Sudan and getting it wrong, finding ideas from nothing, saying no to CSI for mammoths, creativity from masks, provoking conversation with postcards, crowds making things, crowds promoting things, supermoms, a new manifest destiny for energy change, the need to connect with MCs, trends as stories, objects and craftsmanship, the culture of a small coffee company, tasty tuna tails, dark motivation, hope from genocide, escaping artistic block and the fetish objects of a dominatrix…

Mask Performance at Influx Curated

Picture by Dominique Pacheco of William Hall’s mask session

A huge thanks to all of our speakers and to who attended. We had a great time.

Also, a big thanks to Flamingo who hosted our after-party.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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