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Built to last

February 12, 2009

We’ve been sold on the whole idea that we need a constant supply of the latest and greatest.

Whether it’s gadgets or clothing, many of us seemingly don’t want to get caught with last year’s model.

What if there was a new way to buy and a story based on longevity and durability?

Howie’s has made a good attempt to do this with its Hand-Me-Down line of clothing and bags.

“We live in times of limited resources but unlimited desire to
consume them. The answer though is real simple: to consume less as a
consumer; to make a better designed product as a manufacturer.

forward we will have to take more responsibility for our consumption.
The manufacturer and the consumer will both have to share that

We live in interesting times.

From where we
stand as a manufacturer, a product that keeps working for longer uses
less-resources in the end. The key ingredients to this are quality and
good design.

To make something well, you know, the best you can
do, means going that extra mile. Every stitch, every zip, every little
feature considered. The weakest points made strong. Then, and only
then, can we say that we have fully understood the responsibility of
making something.

This product is guaranteed for a minimum of 10
years from the date of original purchase. The chances are it will last
a good deal longer than that. So now you have to decide whom you’d like
to hand this product down to? Err??”

Can and will others follow?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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