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Changing the packaging landscape-one bottle at a time

April 10, 2009

Scott Amron must be eagerly awaiting the lawyer’s letters because his brave enough to push corporate buttons for a good cause.

Eager to point out the lack of progress with recycling from some of the bog soap companies, he’s taken it upon himself to do it for them. Buying soap in bulk, he then repackages it in old soda bottles and resells it.

Scott Amron's Soap

There’s clearly a giant gap in the marketplace for the bulk supplies bring your own packaging retailer. Obviously, there are co-op grocers doing this on a small scale and Whole Foods has a small operation doing this, perhaps it’s going to take one of the large discounters to make a leap and do this.

It plays straight into the frugality space with American’s seemingly doing anything to save a dime, you can easily imagine some of these giant unused shopping malls being turned into food warehouses that allow folks to buy product at a considerable discount and based on a sliding scale that takes the size of your container into account. Those seeking the maximum allowed discount simply need to park their pick-ups in the side entrance and load supplies directly into the back of the truck.

Via Core 77

Posted by Ed Cotton

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