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Detroit to be turned into a farm

April 13, 2009

With Detroit fast becoming an urban wasteland, some enterprising businessman has a plan to turn part of the landscape into a farm.

According to the press release

“Detroit could be the nation’s leading example of urban farming and
become a destination for fresh, local and natural foods and become a
major part of the green movement,” said Hantz, a Detroit
resident. “Hantz Farms will transform this area into a viable,
beautiful and sustainable area that will serve the community, increase
the tax base, create jobs and greatly improve the quality of life in an
area that has experienced a severe decline in population.”

Phase 1 plans utilize more than 70 acres of underutilized vacant lands and abandoned properties on Detroit’s lower east side.

Hantz Farms plans to grow natural, local, fresh and safe fruits and
vegetables to help meet Michigan’s increasing demand for locally grown
produce. In addition to food and trees, Hantz Farms will harvest wind
energy and utilize geothermal heat and biomass fuel from recycling

It will be interesting to see if this prompts other agricultural and giant food concerns to step up into the world of urban farming taking advantage of areas with a ready made labor force and cheap labor. This could create something of a backlash as locals react against the emergence of industrialized urban farming, quite the opposite of what many purists hoped for.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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