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The desire for real experiences

March 26, 2009

Dave  Pescovitz has a great piece over at GOOD on the emergence of DIY family burials. He begins his piece with this interesting taking on the desire for real experiences.

As cyberspace becomes a “layer” on top of the
physical world and we spend more of our lives online, a new-found
appreciation emerges for authentic experiences, interactions, and
goods. I think that’s part of why so many people are embracing the “maker mindset” of DIY culture, from Stitch and Bitch to Maker Faire.

In many ways, authenticity is the flipside of the mediated
experience. For example, the United States has seen a trending down in
the average age of farmers. A new documentary film, The Greenhorns,
explores this growing culture of young farmers driven by eco-motivation
and the quest for authenticity. They’re getting their hands dirty. For
them, reality is still where the action is.”

Thanks to Core 77

Posted by Ed Cotton

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