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The end of us manufacturing

September 8, 2009

A new documentary, “The Last Truck” from HBO Films, premiering tonight takes a look at the impact of the closure of a GM truck plant in Ohio. 

Here are some comments from some of the workers in the doc.

Among those interviewed in the documentary are:
Kathy (body shop) – A 47-year-old mother of three with six grandchildren,
Kathy viewed her co-workers as a second family.

Kim (electrician) – A tearful Kim believes that working at the plant was “the
greatest job I ever had.” He recounts how everyone finished their work on
the line and followed the last truck until all the work had been done. Then
they all came together as a big group, a family saying goodbye.

Popeye (toolmaker) – Popeye sees the bigger picture, viewing the plant’s
closing as the end of the good life, the end of American manufacturing as
we know it. “My grandson will have a worse life than I had,” he says at a
nearby bar.

Kate (forklift operator) – After the plant closes, Kate poignantly describes it
as a “gentle dragon” taking its last breath before dying.

Clearly the film documents a moment in time when US manufacturing came to a close and the impact of that closure on communities and American workers.

Is it possible to sell American consumers on American Made or has that time long gone?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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