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There’s a conference for everything, even loan modifications

September 30, 2009

While money is tight and the world seems to be stuck trying to work out where it’s heading next, the conference industry seems to move forward always looking for new opportunities to bring people together to network and discuss.

Despite the tight caps on travel and expense budgets, if the topic is right and there’s money to be made, people will want to talk.

I just got this email about the Loan Modifications Conference, which seems like a deal at $595.

“As you know, the federal government has announced plans to do
millions of loan modifications to help struggling homeowners stay in
their homes and avoid foreclosure. You probably also know the ramp-up
for the program has not been terribly fast or easy, as servicers
struggle with capacity issues, program requirements, and mandatory test
trial periods for all the modifications.

the government program with its stringent mandates the best way to do
loan modifications? Or is best practice a mix of techniques, like
increased loan terms, decreased interest rates and decreased principal?
The rates of re-defaults on industry-generated loan mods have been
extremely high, making getting this right an absolute imperative for
all servicers.”

The banking and finance industry has a lot on its plate, sorting out the home financing mess seems like it should be top of the agenda, so perhaps a conference isn’t such a bad idea.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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