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Time for the unhotel

March 4, 2009

There comes a time when the ubiquity and formulaic nature of chain hotels becomes an assault on the senses. It’s business evolving to such a point that it’s now just a standard box with a bed in it. The differences between these mid price point hotels are so small, it’s become impossible to tell them a part. Most of the time you wake up in the morning unaware of the hotel chain your staying in. While much of the world is talking about branded experiences, the hotel world, which should be masters of the discipline, are seemingly clueless.

Chain Hotel

Now is the time for the unhotel.

A space that challenges the customer to a new experience every single time.

With an over abundance of real estate in the commercial world, not to mention the foreclosures, surely it’s just a matter of time before some enterprising individuals seize upon the surplus and turn it into a business.

If anyone needs inspiration take a look at the Pixel Hotel project in Linz, Austria.

“All over town, there are interesting but unused premises that are being
converted into hotel rooms in conjunction with this urban development
and architectural project. They’re in nice residential areas, downtown,
industrial zones and working-class neighborhoods—after all, every part
of town has its stories to tell and the Pixelhotel lets guests
experience them right up close.”

Posted by Ed Cotton

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