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Making twitter integral to your business model

March 8, 2009

Springwise has a great example of a new company that’s made Twitter integral to its business model. Kogi Korean BBQ is a food van that travels around LA serving an interesting hybrid- Korean BBQ served in Mexican style tacos. The twist here is that to find out where the van is going to be, you have to follow Kogi on Twitter.

While Twitter has been dismissed by many as a passing fad that just creates a stream of useless information, others like Kogi and Wesabe are embracing its power and fusing it into their business models.

The other smart idea about Kogi is how it embraces the low overhead model for a restaurant start-up; using a mobile van, instead of a costly space to build a following and a nice size business.

Mission Street Food
is doing something similar in San Francisco, by renting space in a Chinese restaurant for a couple of nights a week.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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