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Drowning in the stream

March 4, 2009

Facebook announced today that it’s changing fan pages to be more like user pages.

This will provide brands with the opportunity to stream status updates on a regular basis to their fans. The potential problem here is one of overload with everyone jumping on the status update bandwagon be it Twitter or brands on Facebook.

Brands are now competing for attention with a user’s friends and it’s clear who the winner will be.

For Facebook to not suffer the wrath of its users again and to successfully monetize its efforts with companies, it has to find a way to give users some smart filtering technology to prevent a deluge.

Years ago in the early stages of internet 1.0, people lauded the arrival of “push” technology with information being thrown at consumers on a continual basis. This eventually died a death because the user had very limited power to control the flow.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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