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Fast, cheap and out of control- the future of creativity?

October 6, 2009

There’s an interesting story coming from UsTwo, a London-based design studio.

These guys had spent a lot of time developing various iPhone applications and found they increasingly ran over budget and produced little in the way of return.

So, they came up with a solution.

“The issue we saw was that apps were taking too long to make, we
needed to have a constant stream of quality apps. We got frustrated by
not being able to talk about fresh apps, needed something to talk about
prior to Inkstrumental™. Nothing better than producing quick turnaround
projects. Pulling that crack team together over a beer one night.
Simple task, we need something cool, something addictive, something
that showcases quick thinking. We only produce what can be done in a 2
day period. Bottom line is that it has to go to Apple on hour 48.

So we created
the worlds first ‘48hourApp’, Concept. Design. Development. Marketing
concept. All produced in the space of 48 hours. The name of the game is
survival. It’s simple (so are we!!). Blue circles are food.
Red triangles are death…it starves and shrinks without food. Red death
makes hungrier. The gameplay is simple, and the name even more so, the name
is the character.”

What particular inspires me about
is that we have spent longer on creating the two ‘promo videos’ than
the app itself. But what we have learned is that the promotion is more
key than the App itself. “.

Here’s one of the promos…

In our business there a limited ways to control costs, the big one is time. Forcing yourself to develop ideas in a restricted time frame can be the creatives worst nightmare, but it also appears to be strangely inspiring.

It’s likely we are going to see more of this everywhere as the pressures on costs become extreme.

However, what appears to be important in an 85,000 iPhone application world is having a cool promo.

It’s so reassuring to hear advertising doesn’t appear to have died just yet.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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