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The shift to the real time web

June 29, 2009

SEOMoz Blog conducted a very detailed analysis of the breaking news story around the death of Michael Jackson and concluded;

“The events of Thursday demonstrated that Google is falling behind in
the emerging real-time web. It was 3 hours and 17 minutes after TMZ
first announced Michael Jackson had experienced cardiac arrest before
it appeared as a auto completion suggestion on Google’s homepage. In
the computer age that is a huge amount of time. It is 3 hours and 17
minutes during which consumers may choose to go somewhere other than
Google to get the information they want.”

With the conversation happening in real-time it appears the search engines are handicapped by legacy systems and process that can’t operate at the same speed as competitors Facebook and Twitter.

There seems to be new divisions of time and new concepts appearing around the notion.

Brands need to be flexible and adaptable to operate across all these new facets of time and must have the ability to respond and participate in “the conversation”.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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