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Towards a social media strategy

February 18, 2009

Although the trend is not yet in full force, Facebook and Twitter appear to have seen enough activity from brands to warrant a full scale expansion into charging clients for these services.

Although Facebook hasn’t announced it will be charging clients, it appears to be optimizing for the day that it will. It’s making wholesale changes to fan pages which look like they would become closer to regular member pages and therefore more flexible and dynamic.

Twitter is exploring ways of charging companies for participating.

Both these moves are not just examples of Web 2.0 companies searching for monetization, but proof that there’s an enduring need for companies to be present in these environments.

It’s clear Twitter as a clearer proposition in terms of listening and responding to the conversation and something that clients who have the infrastructure can understand.

Facebook’s proposition is less clear, currently Fan Pages are mishmash of fan created and company created. Many brands have multiple pages and it remains to be seen how consolidation would take place. In addition, many brands have to really grasp how to get the most out of these pages.

It’s highly likely that within the next 18 months, there will be few brands without well thought out strategies for Twitter and Facebook.

Strategic thinking for the media properties, beyond placement, will become mandatory for clients and their agencies.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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