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Influx conference- influx curated-june 11th- san francisco

March 11, 2009

After a brief hiatus, the Influx conference is back with a difference. After doing a little bit of research we discovered that now is not the time for $800 conferences with 6 speakers each giving 40 minute presentations, so we’ve adopted a different approach with Influx Curated; more quality speakers and shorter presentations for fewer dollars.

The other twisted we’ve added is the “Curated” part. Again, from our extensive research we’ve learned that good speakers have interesting friends, so we are asking them to invite those friends, each of our speakers gets to invite 2 of their friends.

How this works…

The main speakers kicks off and his or her friends follow and we end up with a question and answer a process we get to repeat a few times with the obligatory breaks for coffee and lunch.

Our goal is to showcase a wide variety of inspiring and optimistic perspectives and have some great conversation together about them.

It would be great if you could join is in the Fort Mason Center, San Francisco on June 11th, 2009.

We have a great line up of speakers from the likes of; Eat Big Fish, Method, Apple, Mozilla Foundation, IDEO, On Your Feet, Good Magazine, Peclers, Digg, Nest Naturals, Wired and others.

The great news is that it costs $99 and we are even throwing in the food.

You can find out more details and book tickets here.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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