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Influx curated- additional speaker- adrienne ciuffo-mammoth producer and writer

May 29, 2009

We are delighted that Adrienne Ciuffo will be joining us as a speaker for the Influx Curated Conference on June 11th.

Adrienne Ciuffo is the producer and writer of Waking the Baby Mammoth and many of the very popular Mammoth documentaries. Adrienne is an
award-winning filmmaker who has been creating nature and adventure
films for decades. She launched her career in film at National
Geographic Television, heading up research and development for the
weekly magazine Explorer. Since going independent in 1990, she has
travelled from the jungles of Chiapas to the tundra of Siberia,
producing high-profile films for clients such as National Geographic,
Discovery Channel, France Television and NHK, among others. In 2000,
Ciuffo created the San Francisco-based production company Woollyworks.

Tickets for Influx Curated can be purchased here…

Posted by Ed Cotton

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