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Hatch show print- the return of craft

June 7, 2010

At Hatch Show Print, the art and craft of handmade letterpress poster has been alive and well since 1879.

In their time, Hatch Show practically invented the poster and created art like objects for some of the legends of the music world and more recently their craft has been demanded by the likes of CNN, grocery stores and wineries.

Hatch Show seems right for today- a time when most things aren’t made, they are digitally replicated and the only thing the human operator’s hand touches is a key board. The place is real and raw, in a way it’s a shrine to the old school world of craft and manufacturing. At Hatch Show you see people happy in their jobs, working things out with their hands and tinkering with machines that are decades old. It’s a powerful reminder of the power of human-powered craft.

Hatch Show was one of the stops on the recent road trip and images from the studio can be seen here. 

Posted by Ed Cotton

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