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5 tickets left for influx and bssp’s “lab for a day”

December 2, 2010

Horse Cycles

We have 5 tickets left for tomorrow’s event!!!

The recent blog post on “Why agencies need labs forced me to re-think the idea of our “Meet the Makers” conference in NYC on December 3rd.

It struck me that conference is the wrong term, it smacks of the past, boredom, lack of interaction, stale sandwiches, poor lighting and a lousy venue.

“Lab for the Day” is much better term and truer to what we plan to deliver.

Inside the corporate world, the mind is somewhat constrained by the realities of the endless “to do” list- space for thinking and inspiration is sometimes hard to come by.

Our “lab” is a chance to change that.

To explain more, our lab is about “Making” and is designed to provide inspiration from the makers themselves, those who have work directly with them and is all about about the act of making. The “lab” seeks to provide some rules, tools and instruction sets on how to “make” good things.

And in true lab style, we will be conducting a number of experiments.

Here are the key themes and speaker specifics.

Making and Re-Making Brands

Ashley Alsup, has spent time making-over Burger King at CPB and has some interesting thoughts on why corporate America needs to re-make itself and how to do it.

Mark Barden
of Eat Big Fish is going to do an experiment with the audience to get them to help him think and re-think about a brand he’s personally involved with.

Real Makers and Creators

Scott Belsky, the founder of Behance, recently wrote the best-seller, “Making Ideas Happen”, is going to tell us how we can all have best sellers.

Jim Wexler makes games for a living, he’s going to be talking about the ingredients for good games and talk about how and why games are going invade and become a much bigger part of our lives.

Thomas Callahan
left his job in the corporate art world to make bikes by hand  going to tell us what he does and why he does it.

Time Magazine was one of the first magazines to re-make itself for the iPad, the most intriguing new media platform for years. Time’s DW Pine is going to tell us how they did it with considerable constraints and what they are learning about how to evolve the experience.

For another take on the future of magazine publishing, Sarah Rich is going to be sharing lessons from the 48 hour magazine project, Longshot, which she describes as follows..

In May 2010, we conducted a two-day media experiment. 8,000
people signed up, 1,500 submissions came in, 35 editors selected 70
pieces to fill a 60-page magazine.

People liked it. We broke our distributor’s sales records,
received positive reviews in The New York Times, PBS, and the Village
Voice, and won a Knight-Batten Award for Innovation in Journalism. Here,
we present selected work from the print edition of Issue Zero.


Frank Rose has spent the last two and a half years researching the past, present and future of storytelling for his new book, “The Art of Immersion”. He’s talked to James Cameron, the creators of Lost , the people behind Tron Legacy, and many others, about the evolving process of storytelling and what it’s going to take to tell a compelling story in the C21st.

Gary Hirsch gets people “out of their shells” for a living and inspires them to develop great ideas with others. He’s going to lead an experiment to get us to create a character, one of the most critical components of any story.

Creative Output and Opportunity

Finally, Piers Fawkes of PSFK is going to challenge the audience to create compelling ideas for a fascinating project for the United Nations.

We believe it will be a fascinating day and a “lab” in the true sense of the word.

If you are interested in registering for the few remaining places, you can find out more here.

We are thankful for the support of our media sponsor, PSFK

Posted by Ed Cotton

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