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Agency finally recognizes it has social responsiblity

January 26, 2010

Good news coming out of London this week, Ogilvy has been inspired by the efforts of all the out of work architects and designers who’ve set-up pop-up stores and stands to sell their wares, now the giant ad agency is doing the same with a social twist.

The enlightened folks at Ogilvy decided that small, local businesses in the Brixton areas of London could benefit from some of company’s strategic and creative thinking. It’s a cool PR coop, but it’s also a great idea and something more agencies should pay attention to.

Agencies exist in physical locations and probably should kind of responsibility to contribute to their neighborhoods and broader community. Obviously, many think that their pro-bono efforts are probably good enough, but perhaps these contributions need to be smaller, more focused, truly connected to their communities and less interested in the potential of creative awards. 

Posted by Ed Cotton

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