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Being real-time relevant

April 7, 2010

The communication world works with development cycles that take multiple weeks/months.

They are the very opposite of real-time, we then insert these efforts into a real-time world hoping they can gain the benefit of real-time buzz. It’s a hit and hope approach. We hope that all our insight gathering, intuitive understanding of the moment and perhaps of enduring human truths is relevant and pertinent to the real-time conversation that’s happening right now. We hit and hope and then we go look and see what happens. We reverse engineer to prove that our insights and creative execution are “right on”.

Brian Solis, one of the smartest minds on the “conversation” out there, makes a great point in a recent blog post.

In the end however, nothing will help substandard, ordinary, or
bland product and services. And the point of all of this is, if you
continue to introduce objects into the marketplace that are not based
on the readily available real-time information before you, then you
deserve the fate you’re dealt. At some point, this becomes less about
chance and more about destiny, with a little bit of luck thrown in for
good measure. Twitter and other social networks are the crystal balls
that present the intelligence as well as the influential voices, who
can help us create and participate with purpose and significance.”

Brian suggests quite rightly that you’ve got to get really smart at monitoring the dynamics of the real-time conversation and making sure you at that to your list of resources that you use to help build out your thinking and ideas.

Taking Brian’s ideas to the next level, perhaps you need a two-tier strategy.

1. Ensure you get the conversation is heading when you create your initial brief- make sure that’s in the mix

2. Find a way to ensure that you can shape and mold your communication around the real-time conversation. This is different from throwing it in and seeing if it floats, this is more about adjusting your narrative to insert your idea correctly into the conversation and finding away to add elements that are relevant to the real-time agenda of the moment.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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