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Branding- when iconic becomes ironic

April 1, 2010

It’s possible that a brand becomes iconic so fast and ends up as a perfect reflection of the zeitgeist. It becomes the totem for the moment in time, this is great for the brand as it sells driven purely by a cultural wave. It believes in everything that’s right about the time and hangs its hat on it. This is great and many brands would love to be in such a powerful position, but what happens when it’s attacked on several fronts because culture shifts to dramatically away from its center of gravity.

This was the case for the iconic brand of the early C21st, Hummer.

You still see them around, but not even the Chinese want anything to do with the brand.

The brand is over, but is it?

When something becomes so big, so fast and takes on such iconic properties, everyone knows it and knows what it’s about, it then becomes fair game for ironic transference.

Here’s the ultimate ironic incarnation of brand Hummer.


Posted by Ed Cotton

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