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Breathrough ideas and practicality

February 10, 2010

The pressure on communication agencies is intense, clients are constantly hoping for breakthrough ideas that are powerful enough to transcend the typically narrow media window and make it into popular culture.

As agencies work on these ideas they are increasingly looking for ever more promising hooks that are able to get the news media’s attention, advertising as PR, as an example, Crispin looks at much of its work through the lens of a press release.

While this is great and a valuable awareness builder, do these efforts suffer because they are so focused on the news media as the target vs. the real audience?

SF Eater recently posted a graphic which they took apart Denny’s recent Grand Slam breakfast promotion from the perspective of the end user and came up with a nice piece of math to quantify the opportunity cost of free.


While this is extreme and I am sure the Denny’s promotion was a huge success on all fronts, it pays for planners and the media folk to work out whether these big ideas can really do all that’s promised.

Of course this should all be in the brief, but if it is not, perhaps we need to employ some kind of bullshit filter to see if the proposed “big PR idea” has legs with consumers.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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