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Can a new name make something better?

September 14, 2010

The people behind High Fructose Corn Syrup are sick of the name and they want to change.

Apparently, consumption of the “foodstuff” is at an all time low and the media have been doing a hatchet job on the substance to such a point where it’s something that’s become a staple of peoples “Do Not Shop” lists.

However, a solution is at hand for those concerned manufacturers with their dwindling Corn Syrup sales, a new name.

Brand re-engineering might sound like its a highly technical discipline, it maybe, but the solutions are pretty simple, in this case, Corn Sugar is the new name for High Fructose Corn Syrup.

There’s nothing wrong with brand repositioning or even re-branding, when there’s a misconception about a brand that’s changed, but does this kind of marketing trick work anymore, when nothing has changed?

To control the “story” the Corn Refiners Association need to do more than re-name and run an ad campaign, they need to remove every single negative story that appears from now on and everything that links the newly named Corn Sugar to Corn Syrup.

People aren’t dumb and sadly for the CRA, they are increasingly empowered to learn more about the food they are eating.

Command and control is just not a valid strategy anymore and not the way for big agribusiness to interact with a consumer audience.

A little bit of searching and I soon discovered this isn’t a new campaign, they’ve been at this since 2008 and here’s a TV ad they ran back then.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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