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Dan wieden on the humanity of nike

November 4, 2010

Nike Poster

One great point I missed from my review of last night’s ADC talk with Wieden and Kennedy, was Dan’s point about Nike.

Jeff Goodby raised an interesting question about how much hangs on the human reality, failings and frailty of athletes for the Nike brand and how this could end up reflecting back on the agency.

Wieden used this as an opportunity to show how he thought Nike was way ahead of its time as a corporation. Because it has tied itself to athletes it has to take a lot of risk and stand behind them whatever happens. The fact of the brand’s closeness to its athletes makes them a very different  and a very human company.

He talked briefly about the Tiger Wood’s situation and how the “father ad” had made a real difference to the perception of the athlete and the brand.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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