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Design can talk- espolon tequilla

September 8, 2010

One of the most noticeable things I’ve seen in NY in recent months have been the wild postings for Espolon tequilla. They are simply the pack design brought to life and for those who say design is “one dimensional”, this is something of a slap in the face.

The design here is rich with story potential and a massive break from the brand’s past.


Here’s some of the PR story.

“Inspired by classic nineteenth century artwork and the iconic
rooster, a symbol of Mexican national pride, Espol?n imparts true
stories of life in real Mexico. Handcrafted with estate-owned Weber Blue
Agave, these heralded premium tequilas are distilled in the Los Altos
region of Jalisco, Mexico, and made at the artisan San Nicolas
Distillery under the guidance of Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza.

Espol?n’s liquid remains the same, the packaging and look/feel of the
brand have been redesigned and repositioned, with a focus on trumpeting
life in real Mexico. The new decorative label on each Espol?n bottle
pays tribute to the Mexican artists who inspired the world with true
portrayals of the country’s rich history and complex everyday life.
Striking, stark block print artwork features the characters of
Guadalupe, Rosarita and the proud rooster, Ram?n, reliving Mexico’s rich
cultural stories.”

More importantly, it’s got huge shelf presence, that forges a space for the brand that’s far removed from the predictability of the category. The change in the bottle format is also a big help.

While tequila has always been the “wild-party animal” of the spirits category, most of the packaging solutions have been pretty lame.

It should be noted that San-Francisco’s Skyy Spirits is behind this launch, so kudos to the team there for taking the risk.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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