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How many narcissists does your creative dept need?

November 12, 2010


While planners are tasked with spending a lot of time in the field understanding consumers, they might need to spend a little more time studying the psyches of the creative people they have to work with.

Recently, Cornell University did a study on narcissists and creativity and they found a couple of really interesting findings.

1. Their (that’s the narcissists) selling is often better than their ideas- they are so passionate and convincing that they can sell people on ideas, but the researchers found that their ideas weren’t really any better than the non-narcissists.

2. They create an energy field that generates better work. When the researchers put the narcissists into groups and forced them to work with others, they helped make everyone better. However, they warned that putting too many in a group can be dangerous!

So-creative departments really do need a few of them, to sell those ideas to clients and to help others raise their game.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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