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Influx’s meet the makers conference- december 3rd- NY

October 29, 2010


For the past 5 years, Influx and BSSP have organized an annual conference in San Francisco. We started off small and last year 200 people attended the event in Fort Mason.

BSSP is never comfortable with a formula, so we decided to change it up once again and hold an event in the East Coast, New York to be precise.

Over the years, we’ve had a number of requests for from East Coasters for an event, so we’ve finally decided to oblige with Influx’s Meet the Makers.

We are fully aware that there are something like 15 conferences every day in NY and if you can’t attend you events, there’s always a TED talk online to watch, conferences are everywhere and simply put, we know time is very precious.

It’s for this reason that we’ve chosen the specific theme of “Making”, we want to be practical and instructional and not theoretical. These are interesting and challenging times and we thought it would be good to hear from people who are in the thick of it, getting their hands dirty making stuff.

We’ve brought together an amazing group of speakers and facilitators and compressed it all into a half-day session.

Information and tickets can be found here.

So, here’s who’ve got speaking…

Ashley Alsup

Ashley was responsible for leading Burger King’s strategy at Crispin Porter, Bogusky,before that she led the strategy on Guinness at AMV London, where she worked on one of the best TV spots of all time. She also spent time at BBH NY working on Johnnie Walker. Recently she’s been thinking hard about re-making corporate America and will be sharing some of her thoughts with us.

Thomas Callahan- Horse Cycles

Thomas runs and owns Horse Cycles. He’s a true maker and builds handcrafted bicycles in Brooklyn. His bikes are made of the lightest strongest steel possible. All tubing
is aerospace grade and made in Italy.He will be sharing his making secrets with us.

Mark Barden- Eat Big Fish

Mark brings a lot of experience at Eat Big Fish of telling brands what to do. He’s one of the fathers of Challenger Brand thinking and has helped the likes of Visa and Unilever to become more challenging. He will be asking us if it makes sense for every brand to try and be a Challenger and what kind of brand we might create if we were given the chance to do so.

Josh Quittner and DW Pine- Time Inc.

Josh and DW are the team at Time Inc who took the iconic magazine, Time onto the iPad and were one of the first publishers to do it. They have interesting tales to tell from the process and lessons to share

Jim Wexler- Brand Games

Jim is one of the pioneers in using videogames as a media platform and he will be telling us how to make a good game.

Scott Belsky-

Scott used to work at Goldman Sachs, but decided his true calling was in the creative world, so he established Behance, a company that develops
products and services that boost productivity in the creative
professional community.

In 2010, Scott was included in the Fast Company list of 100 Most Creative People in Business. He is the author of the national bestselling book Making Ideas Happen  and he’s going to tell us how we can all write bestsellers.

Frank Rose

Frank is one of the leading writers at Wired Magazine and last year, wrote the much talked about piece on James Cameron. Frank is just finished writing “The Art of Immersion”, which examines the future of the narrative that will be published February 2011, by Norton. He will be sharing his thoughts on the current and future state of storytelling

Sarah Rich

Sarah is a writer, editor and experimentalist focused primarily on new media, design and food. She is co-founder and executive editor of Longshot magazine (a 48 HR magazine), and co-founder of the Foodprint Project. Formerly, she was a senior editor at Dwell, Inhabitat and Worldchanging magazines. She is a co-author of the book Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century (Abrams, 2006) and is currently working on a book about urban farming, due out in 2012. She will be telling us how we can create our own magazine in 48 hours.

Gary Hirsch- On Your Feet

Gary Hirsch is the founder of On Your Feet, a workshop that uses
improvisation with organizations and brands to help them create, relate,
and communicate–all while having a ridiculously good time. Gary will be helping us all create an instant character.

More details here

Posted by Ed Cotton

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