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Levi’s brings work to life

October 25, 2010

Levi’s new “work” campaign is being brought to life with a series of workshops around the country, the latest being a photography workshop in Wooster Street, New York.

The brand has been deliberately elastic with the idea of “work” allowing it to stretch from manual graft to the more creative avenues, like art and photography. There’s no way Levi’s wants to cut itself off from the cultural cache of the arts and go full bore into the blue collar arena.

The Wooster Street workshop is lavish, beautifully designed and well-thought out; combining elements of experience together with the practical means of letting people make and print. If it steers a little too much one way, it’s too much of a 3-D billboard and not quite enough raw studio.

The other thing that’s interesting is the location, it’s Soho, but in the outer limits, so it’s not in the mass tourist area, but it’s easily accessible. This is understandable because there’s a clear sense with this effort that Levi’s wants its workshop to be seen.

However, you can’t help but think the effort would be better placed, for obvious reasons in Brooklyn, Harlem or The Bronx.

On the plus side, you’ve got to commend a brand that goes beyond ads and actually facilitates creativity and action from its target and that’s not an easy thing for marketers to grasp.

Real empowerment over implied, is a potent force for a brand and we can expect others to think how they might make their experiences, even “flat” pop-up stores, more engaging and participatory.


Posted by Ed Cotton

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