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Magazine and newspaper brands to look for extensions

August 9, 2010

When your brand is in trouble, you can always count on a certain degree of openness to licensing deals and brand extensions.

While the concept of a Vogue cafe might have been far from the mind of the brand owners 10 years ago, it’s now very much on the agenda.

With consultants running though the halls of Conde-Nast with ways to trim costs and drive extra revenue, this type of thinking is back on the table with Conde looking to develop new lines of revenue from by extending their titles in restaurants, bars and cafes.

Given the troubles the newspaper and magazine business is in- we will see deals of a similar type for some of the strongest brands in the business.

Just imagine the possibilities:

The New York Post bar

The Sun (UK) holiday resort

McSweeney’s literary cafes

Brides bridal centers

Wired gadget centers in airports (probably a vending machine)

Spin concert venues

Guns and Ammo indoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas

Paris Match paparazzi school


Posted by Ed Cotton

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