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Mine the gap- quaker

August 25, 2010

A simple observation of a delta between what people want and do leads to a strategic idea, for Quaker.

“We’ve done research, and over 90 percent of
consumers believe that breakfast is important. We see breakfast growing
slightly, but over half of Americans still are not eating breakfast on a
regular basis. . . . So, the idea is to really stop consumers with a
thought-provoking question: “Does your breakfast make you amazing?” And
to get them to think about how crucial eating breakfast is. And also
that not all breakfasts are created equal, and Quaker is a great choice
for breakfast.

But, it can’t be that simple, it needs to be made more powerful and not just purely a linear question?

The creative has to elevate the idea to something culturally relevant and extraordinary and it’s going to need more than this to get there.

My guess is that this whole thing isn’t quite as simple as it seems and really hinges on the definition of breakfast (highly personal) and understanding what “important” (because it’s time to “connect with the family” or important because it “fuels my day”?) really means.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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