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Old spice- a never-ending story?

July 14, 2010

Old Spice’s advertising has been widely recognized as some of the best stuff out there and generated huge talk value, YouTube video views and the rest. It’s been great, but it followed the traditional campaign formula, that ‘s until now, in the last couple of days, the campaign has made a dramatic turn into a conversation that has begun at such a remarkable pace

It’s impossible to know how they can keep it up, unless the agency has a secret is a copywriter cloning program and has these outsourced clones placed in satellite offices around the world, to maintain round-the-clock coverage .

The idea has been to make bring the lead character to life in real-time and get him to respond using Twitter and YouTube. The big point of all this is how quick the content is being created and put out there, but also how relevant the conversation is; the character is responding directly to people and questions.

It’s a great example of how a campaign property can be made real-time and conversational. It also forces us to ask some challenging questions:

Should you build a story arc for a campaign that includes conversations?

Is it something you can plan for?

How do you “game” the system without getting caught?

Do we need the talents of reality show writers and producers who can spot developing stories and create for them?

We wait to see what Old Spice has in store for us, will we just get bored of it and the campaign runs out of steam because we are over-exposed to the character or does it take on a new lease of life because of the conversation?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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