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Reaching tough customers

March 29, 2010

It’s pretty easy these days to ignore the effort and investment required to convert consumers who are currently outside specific marketplaces.

With budget cut backs and a focus on immediate sales, it makes sense that the lowest hanging fruit are the priority.

However, if a brand wants to grow it constantly needs to bring new people into its franchise including those that are toughest to convert and reach.

Google has a reputation for innovation and despite being one of the strongest brands in the world, it seems focused on helping the web savvy become more so.

It’s therefore surprising to see the brand get behind the UK Government’s initiative to get close the “Digital Divide” by bringing British citizens who are not currently on the web, on it.

As a part of the program, Google will produce millions of leaflets and a simplified website to be accessed in public libraries, to help people understand the benefits of the internet.

It’s great to see the company push for new converts, but it appears they could be doing more given the targets are the elderly and unemployed. These targets seem to demand a novel approach to media and the development of appropriate content that demonstrates how the internet can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

More than anything, given the target complexities, it appears most of all the effort needs to involve real people and evangelists who can educate and explain the web in a live format to a target that does not currently value the experience.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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