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Russell brand on brand consumption and celebrity

October 10, 2010

Russell Brand ( “Get him to the Greek”, etc..) might not have hit the US with as much force as his has in the UK, but he’s certainly been the talk of the tabloids for the last 3 years.

His wild lifestyle and BBC ” voicemail” controversy have forced him into the limelight.

However, while he somewhat enjoys his celebrity role, like many of his peers, he finds it empty and meaningless. His solution, not to become the next Bono, but instead wants to investigate the cult of celebrity and consumption and to see if there might be a more positive  and uplifting alternative.

Brand was recently interviewed by Britain’s foremost and most aggressive interviewer, Jeremy Paxman.

Here below is part 2 of interview, part 1 can be seen here.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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