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Steve jobs product demo god

March 30, 2010

Steve Jobs isn’t just a genius for his contributions to technology, he was also the first to show us the power of the “happy product walk-through”, where actors demonstrate the delights of new technology.

With applications coming on stream everyday and in that battle for attention, these demos are very important, if brands and companies want attention for their applications.

Take a look at this latest from eBay showcasing their latest mobile app.


1. One happy charismatic actor- full of the joys of spring

2. Spring like music bed- evocative of a new bright future and a life made easier

3. Simple walk through of all the key features- note use of finger

4. Overall air that world will never be the same after using this new application.

Of course, there’s something bigger at stake here. With the world
moving to mobile these demos are in a small way defining the future of the
brand and of the brand experience.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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