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“the start-around”- the new phrase in the corporate lexicon

August 2, 2010

Some interesting news coming from the Supernova conference, former Yahoo exec, Brad Garlinghouse, no stranger to controversy, got himself heard by suggesting that AOL has no idea what it’s doing.

The company that recently spun off from Time-Warner and is now under the leadership of Tim Armstrong is taking an interesting approach to transforming itself.

According to Cnet.

“He said in the Supernova talk that “there’s no doubt that AOL’s making
an effort to go through a massive turnaround–internally, we actually
use the term ‘start-around,‘” adding that the company has specifically
tried to hire executives with experience in start-up climates and that
collectively they embody “the willingness to be dramatic and aggressive
and make wholesale change,” something that he himself certainly seems to

The term and ideology “start-around” is now going to enter the corporate lexicon faster than the speediest bullet.

Expect “start-around” articles to first appear in Fast Company, followed a week later by HBR, expect armies of “start-around” consultants to come out of the woodwork faster the organic bodegas in New York. In about 18 months, the first multinational ad agency will announce its “start-around” strategy, which will arrive on the scene exactly 12 months after the first New York Times best-selling book on the topic has been written.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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