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Think beyond media-what’s your brand’s, brand universe?

December 7, 2010


When your brand attracts a steady stream of other brands who want to hang out with you, you know you’ve got something.

This is the case with the Ace Hotel which has carved out a distinctive brand in the world of cookie-cutter hotel chains, by having a strong sense of itself and a clear understanding of its audience.

When a brand attracts an interesting audience, other brands want to connect because they desire access.

Ace clearly gets this and instead of doing the usual with its in-room TV service, it curates its own content and it’s therefore not surprising that Levi’s wants to be in and on that media.

I am sure the Ace Hotel wouldn’t appear on any media schedule from Madison Avenue media planners and if you ask for reach and frequency numbers, the Ace might ask you what you mean, but those who know Ace, know the union makes perfect sense.

So, some questions for you and your brands

1. Does your brand attract an interesting and potentially valuable audience that could be attractive to other brands? Who do you think they are? What could you being doing together? Do you have a “media” opportunity for them?

2. Instead of thinking of the media universe think of your brand’s brand universe- Which other brands are closest to yours? What connection points exist between your brand and theirs? How could you work together? Do they have “media” you could use?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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